About Babbel Batteries

My story:


When it comes to RC, I was addicted at birth.

My favorite toy was a wind-up float plane that I would fly in the bathtub.

In grade school, I started flying control line planes because that’s all I could afford.

I used to dream of the day when those strings would be gone.

Junior High School was great because they had Model Airplane News magazine in the library.

I read them cover to cover.

Finally in High School, my parents went in 50-50 on a RC plane and transmitter.

We purchased a Carl Goldberg Falcon 56 and World Engines Expert radio.

I spent all Summer building that plane.

Soloed her on my first flight.


I’ve now been flying RC for 40 years.

I’ve always loved small planes but didn’t like the hassle of tiny gas engines.

In 2009; Horizon released their first Ultra Micro plane.

The UM Sukhoi Su-26m.

It was ‘love at first flight’ for me.

Quality UM (1S) batts were scarce.

I started soldering up my own batts and posting my results on RC Groups.

Many contacted me about building custom batts for them and BabbelBatts was born.


Now we have brushless powered Ultra Micro Extreme (UMX) planes to fly with AS3X technology.

These are childhood ‘dream machines’ for me.

I love how they fly!

I fly them every chance I get.


I’ve found that quality, light-weight batts, make a huge performance difference in these Ultra Micro planes.

Every gram counts.

Weight Matters.


Let’s fly!


Roger Babbel Schenk